Lucio Arese



Images from the subconscious is an image series that explores the uncharted territories of the human mind through the lens of artificial intelligence, developing a deep interplay between generative AI and human imagination, mediated by the sensitivity and vision of the artist and author Lucio Arese.

Ranging from surrealism to symbolism, always with a photorealistic slant, each image is intended to be a fragment of an enigma, a glimpse at the vast ocean beneath the surface of thoughts and emotions, completely open to interpretation for any viewer.

The images have been created and edited using Midjourney and StableDiffusion.


Architect, composer, guitarist, pianist, visual artist, filmmaker. Working in various fields of visual arts and film since 2008.

His collaborations include artists, labels, and brands such as Suguru Goto, Jimmy Edgar, Bianco, Ametsub, Yu Miyashita, Mille Plateaux, Armando Testa, MPTBOX, Lovestone Films, Trinnov, Onitsuka Tiger, Asics, McKinsey, Karhu, Jacuzzi, De'Longhi. His work has been presented at onedotzero Adventures in Motion, Ars Electronica, Cyclops, ArtFutura, SIGGRAPH, Interfilm Berlin, SICAF, The Lovie Awards, FICUVAQ, MTV, Bayerischer Rundfunk, IAMAG, Fubiz, Vimeo Staff Picks, IdN Magazine, Stash, The Webby Awards, the 23rd Saatchi New Directors Showcase, and many others.

The experimental short film Les Dieux Changeants (2021) was an international success on the film festival circuit, with more than 100 selections and 40 awards worldwide including two Lovie Awards and a nomination for the Webby Awards 2022.

He has given workshops and lectures on his work at the Chiyoda Arts Center 3331 in Tokyo, the Liceo Artistico in Cuneo, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

'Somehow, Somewhere', his first music album, has been recently released on Bandcamp.