Santiago Vitale


Series Clickbait Paranoia

Thinking about the limits of the virtual becomes more complex every day. Originally, Web 2.0 was used as a world parallel to reality, where nicknames were used and did not reflect real life.

At some point these two tied each other and began to mirror each other. Now, little by little, the digital environment not only involves the private sphere, but also the public one and is crucial in determining the sense of self.

Virtual interactions matter more than tangible reality. The mediatization of existence brings new problems: paranoia of confinement and clickbait manipulation; fear of data and identity theft; fake news and malicious uses of artificial intelligence. Virtuality advances very quickly, taking portions of real life and threatening to take it completely.

This series of images is the result of fusing pairs of our own photochemical photographs with artificial intelligence.


Santiago Vitale is a photographer and audiovisual editor, he studied audiovisual preservation and restoration (DiPRA) and Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences (UBA).

He investigates photography, live visuals, video and experimental cinema. His short films participated in international festivals and cycles.

He also developed a series of plastic works with electronic scrap.