Diana Millán

More weight, more cost [Video, AI tools, 4:49, 2023]

The suitcase is heavy and if you exceed it it will be more expensive still.

The thoughts in the mind are heavy and if you. If you exceed it, it will be even more expensive.

The hard drive is heavy and if you exceed it it will be more expensive.

There are three types of weights that are reflected in this work: the object weight, the digital weight and the mental weight produced by the two previous ones. In a mobile life, without permanent location, and overloaded with information, weight is a great cost to us. The video shows a dialogue between the artist and artificial intelligence. After giving conversations and prompts to the AI tools, the images and voices glitch and perform creating an uncanny valley that heightens the feeling of restlessness.


(Spain, 1997) New media artist and researcher. PhD candidate in the program Artistic, Literary and Cultural Studies (EALyC), and Research Personnel in Training (PDIF-FPU) in the Department of Art praxis at Philosophy Faculty, Autonomous University of Madrid. Her research talks about archiving as a post-digital art practice and the problems of excessive digital archive in ecological terms.

Her work as an artist has been exhibited in various spaces such as Sala Amadís (Madrid, 2023), Modus Operandi Gallery + Nigredo.tv (Madrid, 2023), Cutto Gallery (Madrid, 2022), Centro Párraga (Murcia, 2021 and 2022), Sala Acua (Cuenca, 2021), Nigredo Espacio (Madrid, 2019) or Kesselschmiede (Kassel, 2018).